Due to its low level of light pollution, Dartmoor has ranked top of the list of stargazing spots in the UK. This means that many celestial objects are often visible, providing a great stargazing experience. Here are some of the best stargazing spots on Dartmoor.


One of the most popular spots on Dartmoor, Haytor offers clear skies due to its elevated position. Although often one of the busier spots, Haytor provides an expansive view and a range of planets and constellations that are visible from the tor. There is a car park nearby which makes the Haytor Rocks an easy place to head.

Castle Drogo

On the edge of the moor, near Drewsteignton, is an exquisite country house and the last castle built in England. The skies above Drogo have been pinpointed by researchers as providing the perfect location for stargazing, due to the hill height, low light pollution levels, and weather conditions.

The area around the castle often has a clear view of the Milky Way and occasionally the Aurora Borealis.

The castle has plenty of parking nearby, both on the grounds but also around the valley. This is an ideal and easily accessible stargazing spot with a great view of the sky. Castle Drogo is near our hotel in Chagford – about 8 minutes by car.

Hound Tor

Hound Tor is a popular spot for daytime visitors as well as stargazers. The Tor offers clear, dark skies and a wide area to view the skies. One of the easiest tors to get to, parking is available at Hound Tor car park, with a short walk to the Tor itself.

The Tor has great views of the night sky, and there are many constellations visible from Hound Tor on a clear night. With interesting rocks and scenery, it is clear why Hound Tor is so beloved, by both daytime and nighttime visitors.

Bel Tor

With very low light pollution levels, Bel Tor provides a fantastic view of the night sky. Located in Widecombe, Bel Tor is easy to get to with a car park being situated near to the Tor. Bel Tor is usually fairly quiet, making it a great location to stargaze.

Gutter Tor

An isolated but very open location, Gutter Tor has a very clear and unpolluted view of the sky due to its distance from nearby towns. The area is less frequently visited than the other tors, making it a quiet and peaceful spot for stargazing.

The tor is quite simple to find and there is a car park not too far from the tor, however, it is important to bear in mind that it is fairly easy to get lost due to the darkness and solitude of the area at night.


Stargazing on Dartmoor

Be aware that the weather on Dartmoor can be unpredictable, especially in winter, so make sure you check the forecast before you go. The best time to stargaze is late at night during a new moon, as this provides the darkest sky possible to enhance your stargazing view.

Planets such as Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Venus, and Neptune are visible from Dartmoor at various times of the year. There are also constellations that can be spotted all around the moor, including the Plough, Cassiopeia, and Orion’s Belt.

Stargazing at Mill End Hotel

Mill End is a rural countryside hotel in Chagford. The location makes these spots easily accessible, as well as offering a clear view of the night sky, so there are often celestial objects visible from the hotel grounds!