The sublime quality of our food is the result of Devon itself. We elevate fine dining by carefully sourcing the very best local produce, allowing you a truly authentic flavour of Dartmoor. We are passionate that our dishes are of the freshest and highest quality, our head chef Will has a deep appreciation for specialty ingredients. It is important for us to support local industries and reduce our food miles, as well as providing a memorable experience for our guests. A detailed list of our suppliers can be found on our menu’s when dining.


Here is a list of our frequent suppliers, please scroll further down to read about them in greater detail.

Mill end restaurant chagford fine dining provenance

Whippletree farm is based nearby in Bridford, Exeter. This is a small nature-friendly market garden with an innovative no-dig concept. The ‘no dig’ approach promotes minimal disturbance to the soil during the cultivation and planting , instead of traditional tilling and ploughing, which can disrupt the ecosystem. ‘No dig’ emphasizes the use of mulch, compost, and other organic materials to build fertile, healthy soil.

M C Kelly is an award winning butchers with 65+ years experience serving the West Country. Supplying ethically raised British meats, regenerative farming are at their core. M C Kelly are the chosen partner for all Forestry England venison in the South West. M C Kelly are committed to ethical farming, making sure animals are raised with care and respect. Based at Elston Farm, Copplestone.

BDF Fresh Produce are a third generation family business and supply Mill End with quality fruit and vegetables. BDF specialise in selling on produce from a range of small local growers. They are renowned for asking for the best quality produce and pay a fair price to growers. Based in Newton Abbot on the Brunell Industrial Estate.

Fishes Exeter LTD have built a strong reputation since 1987, offering the widest range of fresh fish that can be found in the region. Most of the fish supplied is landed in Looe, Cornwall. The Looe fleet is made up of day boats, that go out to sea daily at up to 30 miles a time. They spend shorter time at sea, resulting in fresher fish from sustainable sources. Based at 7-9 Wardrew Rd, St Thomas, Exeter.

West Country supply us with a range of high quality seasonal produce from 100 local growers and 60 specialty artisan producers. They work collectively with customers to reduce their impact on the environment, reducing packaging through the supply chain, installing solar at their depots and are also trialling electric vehicles amongst other improvements. West Country deliver and collect produce on the same efficient daily routes across the South West, scheduled in order to maximise the use of each vehicle journey.

Forest Produce are a family run business who have been zero to landfill since 2015. Team Forest are relied upon by Chefs in the region seeking the highest quality produce, with an appreciation for high quality and innovative ingredients.They have been conscious of their eco credentials before it was on many of our radars. All of their waste cardboard and plastic is recycled and they have compactors for both, and waste cardboard is reused for deliveries. They have gone to paperless invoices too and are transitioning to fully electric vehicles.

Forest Fungi supply us with specialty organic mushrooms, and produce in excess of 500 kilos per week. The ‘Shroom Rooms’ create micro climates similar to the conditions that mushrooms would thrive in the wild in Asia, no chemicals are used during the growing process. The mushrooms are grown on organic sawdust and rye blocks. They know everything there is to know about mushrooms! Based in Timaru Gardens, Warren Road, Dawlish.

Dartmoor Brewery was born in Dartmoor National Park and stands as the highest brewery in England, 1465 ft above sea level. Their mulit-award-winning beer stems from their passion for the craft, they use only the finest ingredients in their traditional craft ale: the finest English malts, carefully selected hops, their own strain of yeast, and clear, pure Dartmoor Water.  Their state of the art complex is now based in Princetown, but their first beer ‘Jail Ale’ was brewed within 800 metres of the infamous Dartmoor Prison.

Papillon Gin offer full transparency and conservation lies at the heart of their business. Based within Dartmoor National Park and named after the endangered Dartmoor butterfly, Papillon Gin donate 2% of annual revenue to environmental conservation and charitable partners. They use ‘Good Energy’, a company using 100% renewable UK energy and they are a plastic free champion. They stress the importance or reuse through their supply chain. Beverages are small batch made to ensure the highest quality.

Devon Rum are based on Island Street in Salcome. Their hand-crafted rums start as a unique blend of high quality Caribbean rums, which are then enhanced with soft Devon spring water, spices and citrus and the finest natural flavourings. Their products and packaging are plastic-free and recyclable. They are a carbon negative brand and offset their carbon footprint annually by planting trees across Dartmoor.

Gotland Gin After completing full careers in the British Army, Dawn and Mark decided to relocate to Devon and create the now multi-award-winning Gotland Gin. Both being animal lovers, they started a smallholding amongst the rolling hills of West Devon. Gotland sheep were their favourite and formed the inspiration behind their handcrafted gin. They experiment with a diverse range of botanicals and infusions in nearby Highampton, Beaworthy.