There’s no need to leave any of the family behind…

A large dog sitting my an open fire at Mill End Hotel

Are we dog-friendly?

We certainly are! Here at Mill End we strike the perfect balance between quiet retreat and no-pup-left-behind by having a small selection off dog-friendly rooms as well as dog-friendly lounges and dining areas. If you are not a dog owner or are allergic, there is no need to be concerned as this limited availability as well a host of rooms exclusively just for humans means that you can safely enjoy your pet-free stay.

But for those guests wanting a canine companion to join them, the mill end hotel is always happy to welcome you. In fact, we think this is the perfect place to bring your dog to enjoy some of the splendid walks we have on our doorstep. Dogs are charged at £12 per night each.

Take a look here at the latest adventures of Dartmoor Dog, our canine guide to some of the best walks on and around Dartmoor.

Cleaning Up !

We are currently teaming up with, on a mission to keep our local surroundings as clean as possible! If you are staying at our hotel or simply passing by on a walk, then please pop in to get your complementary pack of 80 Poop Bags, and do your bit for our local environment!


You’ll find a side entrance to the hotel which leads straight into the boot room. This is the ideal place to bring your dog if they have returned from a walk with wet, muddy paws. There is a large sink, some treats for pups and for people and a basket of dog towels – please use as many as you like and leave them on the floor (they go in a separate laundry to your towels!)


You and your dog will be sure to enjoy a wander round our riverside gardens, but for some really great walking just take a stroll across the bridge and then follow the riverbank either downstream to the scenic Fingle Bridge, or upstream to the village of Chagford. Responsible dog owners are always aware of this, but it is worth mentioning the need for prudence with livestock on the moors, particularly the lambs in springtime. Plus ponies on the moor can give a nasty kick if provoked!

If there is anything else we can help you with – detailed walking maps, an extra lead, or a bowl of water – please do ask. If on the odd occasion you want to go out for a longer period without your dog, and would like a sitter please let us know in advance– we’ll do our best to help.

During the third week of August, the annual Chagford Show is held in the field across the road. If you are here during that time, the show has some great dog showing classes and is a must for your canine companion. Please note our ground floor garden rooms are always very popular so we have a 2 night minimum stay restriction for these on weekends and during the high season May to October.

Our Dog Charter

We want to ensure all our guests enjoy their time at Mill End Hotel, which is why we have a Dog Charter in place.

Read the Dog Charter here