Dartmoor National Park offers a variety of stunning landscapes and scenic trails for you to enjoy while walking your dog. Here are some of the best dog walks to explore in Dartmoor. 

Dog Friendly Walks on Dartmoor Near Mill End Hotel, Chagford

Our Dartmoor Dog loves to explore all the best walks on Dartmoor, and he thought it would be great to share a few of his short adventures with you near to Mill End Hotel, our dog friendly hotel on Dartmoor

Meldon Reservoir

A lovely walk from the car park at Meldon Reservoir, just a short drive from the hotel. From there, across the dam and up the hill towards Yes Tor. You could go up Yes Tor before bearing South West towards the rocky hilltop at Black Tor and the great views. Then straight down to the spectacular Black-A-Tor Copse, with the ancient moss-covered oaks. 

A quick swim in the river (West Okement) before heading back up the valley towards the far end of Meldon Reservoir, then along the banks back to the start. About 2 hours or more if you spend time soaking in the great views! Dartmoor Dog loved it!

River Teigh to Fingle Bridge

A walk from the hotel along a section of The Dartmoor Way, from Dogmarsh Bridge, near Chagford, along the banks of the River Teign. Initially below the slopes of Hunter’s Tor, with Castle Drogo perched high above, then through the woods to Fingle Bridge.

You can then return on the other side of the river. A lovely gentle walk, about 2 hours, depending on how long you stop at the pub at Fingle Bridge!

Best Places on Dartmoor for Dog Walks

There are plenty of places to enjoy walks on Dartmoor with dogs. Remember to follow the Dartmoor National Park Authority’s guidelines for responsible dog walking, including keeping your dog on a lead in areas with livestock and cleaning up after them.

Enjoy exploring the beauty of Dartmoor with your canine companion! And when you’ve had a day full of adventure, why not join us for a Dartmoor afternoon tea?

dog on Haytor rocks

Haytor Rocks

This iconic landmark offers breathtaking views and is a great starting point for several walks. The Haytor Rocks circular walk takes you around the granite tors and provides excellent opportunities for your dog to explore.

Burrator Reservoir

This picturesque reservoir offers a pleasant circular walk around its perimeter. With beautiful views of the water and surrounding woodlands, it’s a tranquil spot for both you and your furry friend.

Bellever Forest

This area offers a combination of forest trails and open meadows, providing a diverse landscape for dog walking. There are various routes to choose from, including a circular walk around Bellever Tor.

Dog on Dartmoor

Princetown to South Hessary Tor

This walk takes you from the town of Princetown to the summit of South Hessary Tor. It offers expansive views across the moorland and is a popular choice for dog owners.

Lydford Gorge

On the outskirts of Dartmoor National Park, Lydford Gorge is a nearby National Trust attraction that shouldn’t be missed. With its stunning waterfalls and ancient woodland, it offers a memorable dog walking experience. Dogs should be kept on a short lead here and out of the water.

Wistman’s Wood

This ancient woodland is known for its moss-covered boulders and twisted oak trees. Take a stroll through this enchanting forest and let your dog explore the magical atmosphere.

Teign Gorge

Located near Castle Drogo, the Teign Gorge offers a variety of walking trails that follow the river and wind through woodland. The area is rich in wildlife and provides a great opportunity for your dog to enjoy the sights and smells of nature.

Dartmeet and the Dart Valley

Dartmeet is a picturesque spot where the East Dart and West Dart rivers meet. From here, you can follow the Dart Valley Trail, which takes you along the river and through beautiful Dartmoor scenery.

Tavy Cleave

This remote and rugged part of Dartmoor offers a challenging walk with breathtaking views. You can enjoy a circular route that takes you through Tavy Cleave, following the River Tavy and passing impressive granite tors.

Black-a-Tor Copse

Located in the northern part of Dartmoor, Black-a-Tor Copse is a National Nature Reserve and one of the highest oak woodlands in Britain. It provides a peaceful and atmospheric walk for you and your dog.

Dogs are always very welcome here at Mill End Hotel – in fact, we think this is the perfect place to bring your dog to enjoy some of the splendid walks we have on our doorstep. Take a look at our Dog-Friendly facilities to discover why Mill End is the perfect base for you and your pup to explore Dartmoor.