Shooting is an age-old sport often associated with rural landscapes like Dartmoor. If you want to give shooting a go while staying with us at Mill End Hotel in Chagford, there are plenty of opportunities locally to experience shooting.

Whether you want to try out simulated game shooting, would prefer to fire at clay pigeons or just want to improve your aim, there are plenty of shooting activities and experiences awaiting on Dartmoor and in the surrounding areas of Devon.

game shooting on Dartmoor experience


The hotel has a longstanding connection to the country pursuits of the area and loves working with Butler Del Prado to bring our guest’s dream shooting afternoons to Dartmoor.

With a lifetime of experience in game shooting all over the world, Ashley Butler, a West Country man himself, invites guests to his Devon estate to learn and partake in the fun and skill of simulated game shooting.

In his own words, the ventures are exhilarating but also controlled under expert supervision – making the ideal environment for a skilled shot to test himself on Dartmoor or a new learner to get the hang of shooting in some stunning natural environment.

The prices of these packages vary depending on the number of participants and the time of your stay – and so we recommend letting us know over the phone whilst booking your stay that you’d be interested in a shooting outing so that we can begin to organise your request as soon as possible. Butler Del Prado is in extremely high demand during the spring and summer months, so we recommend booking as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Can You Shoot on Dartmoor?

The Dartmoor National Park byelaws explain the rules and restrictions around shooting on Dartmoor.

Under point 12, ‘Protection of Wildlife’, the byelaw states ‘no person shall without lawful excuse or authority on the access land, kill, molest or intentionally disturb any animal or engage in hunting, shooting or fishing or the setting of traps or nets or the laying of snares.’

Under point 13, ‘Firearms and Projectiles’, the byelaw states, ‘no person shall discharge on the access land without lawful authority any firearm, air weapon or crossbow’.

As such, it is important to ensure you are shooting or fishing on land that you are authorised to access as part of an arranged event or with the correct permits.

Dartmoor Shooting Locations and Activities

Below are more places you can visit for clay pigeon shooting on Dartmoor and other game shooting in Devon:

Devon Clay Shooting

Devon Clay Shooting arranges simulated game days and driven clay shooting across Devon, as well as offers lessons and introductions to the sport. Estates used for shoot events include Great Fulford and Carswell. On game days, there will be at least four drives, with up to 5000 clays thrown by the Promatic and Bowman automatic traps and Flurry launchers.

Great Fulford Estate Shoot

On the edge of Dartmoor National Park sits the Great Fulford Estate, which offers simulated game shooting events with over 3,000 acres of quality pheasant and partridge shooting. A typical day involves meeting for breakfast rolls at the shoot lodge, completing two shoot drives in the morning before elevenses, then a further two or three drives, followed by a late lunch at the lodge.

Crackshot, Newton Abbot

Crackshot is an indoor shooting centre in Newton Abbot, with three gun ranges, including a 20-metre Air Rifle Range, Rapid Fire Pistol Range and Simway Shooting Simulator. In total, there are over 100 targets to aim at! Training and assistance are provided, so even newbies will be able to hit the target. All equipment needed will be provided.

pheasant running

The Cornwood Shoot

The Cornwood Shoot covers approximately 6,500 acres of land across neighbouring sporting estates on Dartmoor National Park, Delamore, Watercombe and Blachford, providing 20 different drives. With picturesque views of Dartmoor’s moorland, this is an impressive shoot for those seeking a pheasant drive.

Clay Pigeon Shooting, Bovey

Bovey Castle has a small clay shooting venue on site for beginner and novice shooters to try their hand at the sport. Full instruction and equipment are provided. They also offer clay pigeon shooting on Dartmoor moorland, with all equipment provided – although you can bring your own gun if preferred.

gun barrel

If you are interested in any of these activities and more during your stay with us at Mill End Hotel, let us know and we can help you discover the best location to visit.