The Mill End experience is nothing without the natural beauty that surrounds it, and so we ask all of our guests to respect it in all their activities.

We have a strict leave the land as you found it policy, which we support all of our guests in enforcing, and in this, we ask that you be mindful of any litter or dog waste that may come from your days out on the moors.

Doing Our Bit

We are currently teaming up with, on a mission to keep our local surroundings as clean as possible! If you are staying at our hotel or simply passing by on a walk, then please pop in to get your complementary pack of 80 Doggy Bags, and do your bit for our local environment!

Reusing and Recycling

At Mill End, we endeavour for our practices to be as circular as possible. This often comes down to the finer details. We are committed to separating and recycling all of the waste which can be recycled from the hotel and restaurant.

We are also committed to using high-quality fabrics in our towels and linens that can be reused for years to come. This is thoughtfully implemented down to even our ‘doggy towels’ from the boot room. These are of equal quality and are kept, cleaned and re-used in a completely separate rotation from our guest towels to make sure everyone’s experience is as sanitary, seamless and environmentally friendly as possible.

We also provide electric car charging on-site for guests who own electric vehicles at a cost of £35 per full charge. Just ask at reception and we can sort this for you. We also work with local bodies like Visit Devon to further the development of quality local tourism and hospitality that allows everyone to participate in more accessible, sustainable and mindful tourism.

Local Produce

We are committed to supporting our local economy as well as its farmers. We see this as an inseparably key part of our journey as a climate-conscious hospitality provider. We have long-standing relationships with meat and fish suppliers that are based on Devon’s fields and shores and have expanded over the past few years to source over 90% of our vegetable produce from Devon-based farms. This ensures that our menus are always full of seasonal produce and massively reduces the CO2 emissions involved in the journeys of our food to your plate.

If you have any questions or ideas for improving upon our existing commitments to environmentalism, please contact us via email at [email protected].