If you’re planning your wedding, you will be considering different types of venues to host your big day. If a big ballroom in the city or exchanging vows on the beach isn’t really your thing, then a countryside venue could be the perfect pick. Having a wedding in the countryside can offer numerous benefits and unique experiences for couples and their guests.

We share just a few of the reasons why you should consider choosing a countryside setting for your wedding!

Beautiful Backdrop

One of the most appealing aspects of a countryside wedding is the natural beauty that surrounds you. Picture-perfect landscapes with rolling hills, lush forests, serene riversides, or majestic tors provide a stunning backdrop for your ceremony and photographs, adding a touch of romance and charm to the occasion that is hard to replicate in an urban setting.

Dartmoor National Park is a particularly stunning destination for weddings, offering plenty of incredible opportunities for photographs, so you can get some fantastic snaps for the wedding album!

mill end wedding exclusive use dartmoor luxury country hotel devon

Relaxing Atmosphere

The atmosphere at a countryside wedding is notably more relaxed and tranquil. Away from the noise and busyness of city life, you and your guests can unwind in the peaceful surroundings and enjoy the fresh air. This laid-back ambience sets the stage for a more intimate and enjoyable celebration where everyone can truly connect and celebrate your love.


Privacy is another significant advantage of choosing a countryside venue. Unlike bustling city locations, countryside settings offer seclusion and exclusivity, allowing you to exchange vows and celebrate with your loved ones in a private, intimate setting. This sense of intimacy contributes to a more personal and meaningful experience for you and your guests.

Exclusive Use Venue

Mill End Hotel is available for weddings and other special events as an exclusive use venue. You will have full, private access to the grounds, rooms, lounges and the 21 rooms and luxury suites at Mill End, ensuring you can celebrate together privately.

Unique Venues

Countryside weddings open up a variety of unique venue options, such as barns, vineyards, historical buildings, or gardens. These distinctive settings add a touch of personality and charm to your wedding, setting it apart from more traditional venues.

15th Century Mill House on Dartmoor

Mill End Hotel is a charming 15th-century mill house on the banks of the Teign River. The River winds its way around the lush grounds of the traditional country house, creating a magical countryside setting for your special day. The historic mill feature also offers a romantic backdrop to catch timeless photos on your wedding day.

mill end wedding exclusive use dartmoor luxury country hotel devon

Outdoor Ceremonies

Many countryside venues offer the option of outdoor ceremonies, which can be incredibly romantic and memorable. Saying your vows surrounded by nature can be a magical experience.

Wedding Ceremonies on Dartmoor at Mill End Hotel

Here at Mill End Hotel, we are licensed to hold civil ceremonies in our beautiful summer house on the sprawling front lawn and within our cosy and romantic lounge space.

Cost Effective

In some cases, countryside venues can be more affordable compared to city venues, especially when you consider savings that can be gained from decorations. Many countryside venues offer competitive pricing, and the natural beauty of the surroundings often eliminates the need for elaborate decorations, further reducing costs while still creating a stunning setting for your celebration.

Plus, with accommodation included in the cost for a countryside hotel wedding, such as at Mill End Hotel, it can be a great way to host all of your guests for less.


For guests, a countryside wedding offers a unique opportunity to escape the city and enjoy a mini getaway. With on-site or nearby accommodations, guests can extend the celebration into a weekend retreat, exploring the local area and participating in outdoor activities.

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Wedding Venue With Accommodation on Dartmoor

Mill End Hotel is a wedding venue on Dartmoor that has 21 elegant boutique rooms and luxury suites for you and your guests to stay in. This allows you to host up to forty guests, plus yourselves, for your wedding day and celebratory weekend.

Local Cuisine and Produce

Embrace local cuisine and seasonal produce in your menu. Countryside areas often have access to fresh, locally sourced ingredients that can elevate your dining experience.

Here at Mill End, we make the most of our local suppliers on Dartmoor and Devon, with plenty of farm fresh foods on our menu.

Mill End Intimate Small Country House Wedding Venue Country Dartmoor Chagford Devon

Family-Friendly Weddings

Countryside weddings can be great for families, with more space for children to run around and play. It’s also a chance for guests to bond and socialise in a more intimate setting.

Overall, a countryside wedding offers a unique blend of natural beauty, tranquillity, and personalised charm that can make your special day truly unforgettable for you and your guests.

If you’d like to discuss how we can make your dream countryside wedding into a reality, then get in touch with us at ​01647 432282.