Dartmoor National Park is a haven for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. With its sweeping landscapes, granite tors, ancient woodlands, and flowing rivers, Dartmoor offers a myriad of adventures. After a few hours of exploring, you’re sure to be feeling peckish – the perfect time for a picnic! Luckily, there are plenty of picnic spots to choose from on Dartmoor.

Whether you’re a local looking for a weekend activity or a visitor exploring the region, here are some of the top picnic locations to consider!

Are You Allowed to Have a Picnic on Dartmoor?

There are no restrictions for picnicking on the open moorland of Dartmoor. If you do have a picnic, make sure to leave no trace; take your litter with you and do not light any fires.

Avoid damaging vegetation, and be mindful of wildlife and livestock. Dartmoor is home to a variety of creatures, including sheep and ponies. Keep a safe distance from the animals, and do not feed them.


One of Dartmoor’s most iconic landmarks, Haytor Rocks, provides a stunning backdrop for a picnic. It’s a popular spot, with ample space to spread out and enjoy the panoramic views. Find a grassy spot at the base of the tor and soak in the beauty of Dartmoor while enjoying your snacks. Haytor also has a car park nearby, making it convenient for stopping.

Burrator Reservoir

Surrounded by woodlands and open moorland, Burrator Reservoir offers a tranquil setting for a waterside picnic. There are designated picnic areas with benches overlooking the reservoir, or you can opt for a more secluded spot along the water’s edge. It’s a perfect location for birdwatching and peaceful relaxation. You’ll also be able to find toilets here. During the summer months, ice creams will also be available from a van.

Fingle Bridge

Located on the northern edge of Dartmoor, Fingle Bridge is a picturesque setting for a picnic. Sit by the banks of the River Teign beneath the historic stone bridge and enjoy the serene surroundings. This spot is ideal for a leisurely afternoon with family or friends, and it’s only a short walk from Mill End Hotel in Chagford.

Fingle Bridge

Teign Gorge to Fingle Bridge Dartmoor Walk Map

If you like walking, you can stop for a picnic here while embarking on the Teign Gorge Circular Walk (Fingle Bridge to Castle Drogo). It’s a truly beautiful experience.

Bellever Forest

Bellever Forest, near Postbridge village, offers peaceful picnic spots among towering trees and beside the East Dart River. Enjoy a woodland walk followed by a leisurely picnic surrounded by nature’s tranquillity. It’s a serene spot ideal for families. There is a car park here with a public toilet.


Spitchwick, also known as Deeper Marsh and Spitchwick Common, is one of the most popular spots for a picnic on Dartmoor. Situated on the bank of the River Dart, with a grassy area for picnics and the river ideal for wild swimming. There are a few car parks nearby, but it does tend to get busy here.

Cadover Bridge

Located near the southwestern border of Dartmoor National Park, you can picnic on the bank of the River Plym around Cadover Bridge. Following your picnic, take a stroll along the Dewerstone Valley Circular Walk.

Postbridge Clapper Bridge

Postbridge Clapper Bridge is an ideal spot for a picturesque picnic. This ancient granite bridge, dating back to the 13th century, crosses the East Dart River and offers a stunning backdrop of the nearby Bellever Forest. Sit by the riverside, enjoy the tranquil sounds of flowing water, and indulge in a peaceful picnic surrounded by history and natural beauty. There is parking and a public toilet close by.

Fernworthy Reservoir

Fernworthy Reservoir has an official picnic area near the main car park that overlooks the reservoir. There are a handful of picnic benches and plenty of grassy space to lay down a picnic blanket. Be sure to follow the Fernworthy Reservoir Circular Walk while you’re there! You can find a public toilet at the main car park.

Mill End Hotel Picnic Lunch

If you’re staying with us at Mill End Hotel in Chagford, then we can prepare you a hearty packed lunch to take with you for a picnic on Dartmoor! Just let us know the evening before, and we’ll send you off on your adventures with proper homemade sandwiches, a slice of homemade cake, a refreshing local soft drink, and some fresh fruit to enjoy along the way.