There’s nothing quite like taking in the majestic sights of Dartmoor and then relaxing with a traditional Devonshire cream tea!

The perfect refreshment after your adventures traversing the moors or exploring other local attractions, you can’t get much better than fresh scones and a steaming cuppa – all enjoyed against the backdrop of the tranquil National Park.

What is a Cream Tea?

Cream teas are an absolute staple in Devon and Cornwall, gracing many cafe and tea room menus. Consisting of freshly baked scones, clotted cream, strawberry jam and a pot of tea, the humble cream tea is a delightful snack for weary travellers or those who just fancy an afternoon treat.

Cream teas tend to be enjoyed in the afternoon as an informal bite but differ from other classic afternoon teas in that you don’t have sandwiches with a typical cream tea.

Although its exact beginnings are a little murky, the cream tea is thought to originate from 11th-century Devon, when monks at Tavistock Abbey (just outside of Dartmoor) served bread with cream and jam to their guests.

Nowadays, the cream tea is a beloved symbol of the region, with a visit to Devon or Cornwall being incomplete without partaking!

Cream tea at Mill End on Dartmoor

Devon Vs Cornwall Cream Tea

There has always been some contention between these two West Country communities concerning the proper way to enjoy a cream tea. It all comes down to the order you assemble your scone:

  • Devonshire cream tea = topped with clotted cream, then jam.
  • Cornish cream tea = topped with jam, then clotted cream.

Ultimately, the overall effect is the same; it is more a matter of regional tradition and local pride!

If you’re on the hunt for a cream tea on Dartmoor, expect to find scones prepared in the Devonshire way, with cream first, then jam.

Where Can I Have a Cream Tea on Dartmoor?

Here at Mill End, we pride ourselves on creating the ultimate cream tea experience. Based along the banks of the River Teign and surrounded by idyllic countryside views, we’re ideally located for visitors looking to savour a tasty cream tea in an unbeatable Devonshire setting.

Our cream teas on Dartmoor embody everything we love about the area – delicious food made from locally sourced ingredients, enjoyed after an invigorating walk amongst the abundant natural beauty of our National Park.

Whether you’re staying with us at the Mill End Hotel or are just dropping in to visit our Dartmoor restaurant, there’s plenty of opportunity to indulge in a traditional cream tea.

Served every day from 12pm until 4pm, you can sit back and relax in our gardens and lounges, leisurely sipping on perfectly brewed tea paired with freshly baked scones, homemade jam and, everyone’s favourite bit, Devon clotted cream.

Scones at the Mill End restaurant

Share Your Love of Cream Teas on Dartmoor

If you’re planning on enjoying a cream tea at Mill End with a group of 10 or more, we can offer special discounts, so please get in touch to find out about the current offers.

Additionally, if you want to give a thoughtful gift to the sweet-treat lover in your life, you can also purchase a Cream Tea for Two Gift Voucher, setting your loved one up for a delicious, relaxing afternoon.

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