Dartmoor is a vast, magnificent moorland located in South Devon, England. Stretching 23 miles, it’s home to rivers, woodlands, marshlands and dramatic granite tors with awe-inspiring views.

Our hotel on Dartmoor is located in the perfect prime position next to Devon’s outstanding River Teign, making it the ideal location for those looking to explore the wild beauty of Dartmoor National Park.

What Are The Dartmoor Tors?

Dartmoor tors are clusters of big granite rocks that usually sit on hilltops, making many of them great places to view the rest of Dartmoor’s dramatic, open landscape.

How Were Dartmoor Tors Formed?

These tors were formed by a combination of physical and chemical weathering, exposing 300 million-year-old solidified rock over time. The cracks that you’ll see between these granite outcrops were formed by constant freezing and thawing from the icy weather during the Ice Age. Visiting the tors is an excellent way to look back at Devon’s thrilling and magnificent history.

Granite Tor On Dartmoor
Yes Tor

Highest Tor On Dartmoor

The highest tor on Dartmoor is High Willhays which is 621 meters above sea level and offers stunning views over Devon. Although this is the tallest peak on Dartmoor, its rock formations are less impressive than its neighbours. For spectacular rock features, we’d recommend Yes Tor, which is only half a mile away from High Willhays, so why not see both while you’re at it?

Image Credit: Lewis Clarke under CC BY-SA 2.0

How Many Tors Are On Dartmoor?

There are over 160 tors on Dartmoor, with many of them being reasonably easy to access by car and requiring little walking. However, the most breathtaking tors may demand a little more of a trek, such as Fur Tor which consists of a steep climb across the hard ground, but it’s worth it for the views over Dartmoor and its incredible granite formations.

Here’s a map of some of the most popular Dartmoor tors well worth visiting (along with Dartmoor’s most remote pub, The Warren House Inn):

High Willhays
Great Staple Tor
Yes Tor
Fur Tor
Steeperton Tor
Kes Tor
Black-A-Tor (North Dartmoor)
Higher Tor
Roos Tor
Haytor Rocks
Combestone Tor
Easdon Tor


Walking the tors and immersing yourself in this beautiful nature reserve is a wonderful thing to do with your partner, friends or family (but most likely not for those with very young children, in this case, stick to the more accessible tor spots like Great Mis Tor).

Our hotel is only a short drive from many of Dartmoor’s iconic tors and other great attractions like Dartmoor Zoo.

Many wildlife species, including otters, bats, dormouse, woodland birds, butterflies, and ponies, habit this undisturbed upland area. You can follow our guide to seeing Dartmoor ponies for a better chance of seeing them in their natural environment.