Welcome to a journey through the paranormal landscapes of Dartmoor! Renowned for its striking scenery and ancient history, this rugged moorland has long been associated with mysteries and legends that have endured for generations. Dartmoor’s sprawling vistas, dotted with granite tors and enveloped in swirling mists, have long served as a canvas upon which tales of the supernatural come to life. Whether you are a curious adventurer or a seeker of the unknown, Dartmoor promises a journey into the realm of the unexplained and the uncanny.

Map of Dartmoor Legends and Ghosts

If you are interested in the spooky spots of Dartmoor, we have put together a map of all the reported paranormal experiences on the moors over the years, from hauntings and poltergeists to fairies and aliens!

Using data from the Paranormal Database, we can see that there have been 76 reported paranormal experiences on Dartmoor so far. This includes:

  • 37 Haunting Manifestations
  • 8 Legends
  • 8 Shucks (Ghostly Dogs)
  • 5 Fairy or Pixie sightings
  • 5 unknown ghost types
  • 4 Environmental Manifestations
  • 4 Devil / Old Nick sightings
  • 2 Poltergeists
  • 1 Crisis Manifestation
  • 1 Dragon
  • 1 UFO sighting

Click on the map locations to see more about each sighting and learn about the supernatural stories of Dartmoor.

Chagford Ghost Stories

Six of the reported paranormal activities were said to happen in Chagford, which is where Mill End Hotel is based! Our hotel in Chagford on Dartmoor will provide a safe haven for you to stay when in the area but is also a great base for exploring the moors if you’re seeking a spooky sighting!

Dartmoor Ghost Sightings, Legends and Paranormal Activity

Haunting ManifestationAshburton – Bay Horse public houseA crying child has been reported upstairs.
UFOAshburton – Skies north of the villageIn 1915, strange lights were seen in the sky here by multiple witnesses. The lights rose in the air and then vanished.
PoltergeistBelston – Tors HotelA poltergeist here is blamed for slamming doors in the upper part of the inn.
DevilBrentor – ChurchFolklore says that during the church’s construction, the Devil kept stealing the foundation stones until an archangel intervened and struck him with a granite rock.
Unknown Ghost TypeBuckfast AbbeyIn 1872, a long line of phantom monks were seen moving silently towards the abbey.
Haunting ManifestationBuckfastleigh – Church, the Cabell TombSquire Cabell died in 1677 and was believed to have been in league with the Devil. A strange mausoleum is built around his tomb, intended to contain his unquiet spirit.

On dark stormy nights, the squire emerges from his tomb and sets off across the nearby moor with a pack of hounds. Many believe that it is this legend that Hound of the Baskervilles is based upon.

Haunting ManifestationBuckfastleigh – King’s Arms public houseThe Lady in Grey died by falling down a well that was once on the site, preventing her from meeting her lover. She is still waiting.
Environmental ManifestationBuckfastleigh – Moorland around the areaThree girls lost on the moor at night claimed to come across a cottage, where they could see an old man and woman inside sitting by a fire. The cottage and its contents suddenly vanished without warning.
LegendBurrator Reservoir – Under waterIn 1898, when the reservoir was constructed, an old village was submerged here. The sound of the old church bells ringing have been reported here.
Environmental ManifestationChagfordGhostly cottages periodically appear in the village – it is unknown if they were once real cottages.
FairyChagfordOn peaceful nights in the 19th century, villagers reported hearing fairy music and the patter of tiny fairy feet.
Haunting ManifestationChagford – Globe InnA chambermaid on trial for witchcraft was drowned here and sightings of her ghost have since been reported.
PoltergeistChagford – Ring O’Bells public houseA poltergeist can be heard banging in the cellar, and occasionally comes up to knock decorations from the walls.
Haunting ManifestationChagford – Three Crowns HotelSidney Godolphin, a Royalist officer, died on the doorstep of the hotel and was spotted in his uniform in 1980 by the hotel’s chef.
Haunting ManifestationChagford – Whiddon Park Guest HouseThe Bride in Black was seen each year on July 10th, until 1971. She was murdered on her wedding day by a former suitor and now returns dressed in black on that fateful day.
Haunting ManifestationDartmoor – Beetor CrossThis cloaked figure has been known to stand by the cross, empty eye sockets watching the road ahead.
LegendDartmoor – Bowerman’s Nose (rock formation)The hunter Bowerman was turned to stone by witches after his hounds disturbed the women as they worked. You can still see the stone figure of Bowerman and his hounds and there are reports on misty nights that you can hear the hunter and his pack of hounds.
Haunting ManifestationDartmoor – Bradford PoolA luring voice was heard here, calling your name gently, and will not stop until you are underwater, drowning…
Haunting ManifestationDartmoor – Cadover BridgeThe sound of battle has been heard near the bridge, from the clash of sword and shield to the screams of the injured.
LegendDartmoor – Chaw GullyProtecting a hoard of treasure, this beast has teamed up with a raven which calls out if anyone comes too close to the gold. The beast will then wait until a rope is lowered into the pit and then sever it when the treasure hunter is climbing down. The body would always be found outside the hole in the morning.
Haunting ManifestationDartmoor – Childe’s TombA hunter who froze to death on the moor, Childe’s ghost was seen being carried by phantom monks.
Crisis ManifestationDartmoor – Clasiwell (also known as Crazywell and Classenwell)A disembodied voice can be heard at night, naming the next local to die.
Haunting ManifestationDartmoor – Coffin WoodCoffin wood was the place where bodies were transported from horseback into their coffins. Now a glowing ball of light which flickers through the trees has been spotted here.
Haunting ManifestationDartmoor – Combestone TorSam Hunnaford, a local farmer, had been conned at the fair and hanged himself out of shame. His ghost has been seen riding a horse towards his former home.
Haunting ManifestationDartmoor – Cranmere PoolThe ghost of Benjamin Gear, former mayor of Okehampton, is said to haunt the waters of the pool. Reportedly there were attempts of an exorcism, which is said to have failed.
Haunting ManifestationDartmoor – Crockern TorThe ghost of Old Crockern was seen on the back of a skeletal horse, waving a sword in his hand.
ShuckDartmoor – Dewerstone WoodsDewer, a Wisht huntsman is said to chase people up to the highest point in the area until they fall to their death. If the fall didn’t kill them he has hell hounds waiting at the bottom.
ShuckDartmoorThe inspiration for the ‘Hound of the Baskervilles’, phantom dogs have been seen and heard across the whole of Dartmoor.
ShuckDartmoor – General area of the River TavyGhostly black dogs and hunters on horseback have been heard running in the River Tavy area after dark. The River is also believed to be haunted by the ghost of Sir John Fitz, whose body was round in the River Tavy.
Haunting ManifestationDartmoor – Gibbet Hill, Black DownOn stormy nights a man was hung in the gibbet still alive, and it took several days for him to die of thirst. His voice has been heard begging for death.
Haunting ManifestationDartmoor – Gidleigh bridgeSounds of combat have been heard on the bridge here from a small battle. The area also has ghost sightings of a woman who drowned there.
LegendDartmoor – Great Hound TorThe rock formation at Hound Tor is said to be a farmer and his hounds who were chased from their farmland by a witch and then petrified.
Unknown Ghost TypeDartmoor – Green Hill & Black Lane areaA Dartmoor fox hunt master became lost on the moor during a snowstorm and was led to safety by a petite man on a grey horse. He later saw a painting of the man, known as Limpety, and was informed he had died on the moor 50 years prior.
Haunting ManifestationDartmoor – Highwayman InnA ghost in green wearing a feathered hat was seen walking through the wall in this inn. A medium who visited claimed the ghost was called Samuel.
Environmental ManifestationDartmoor – Islington area?In the 1950s an OS surveyor on the moor spotted a cottage with smoke rising from the chimney. When he went to investigate, the building could not be found. Another person had also spotted the cottage, but could not find it.
Haunting ManifestationDartmoor – Lustleigh CleaveWearing clothing from the middle ages, witnesses observed several horsemen galloping across this Dartmoor area. Another party of witnesses saw what looked like cavemen moving around the stone circle at the Cleave.
Haunting ManifestationDartmoor – Lych WayLych way is a 12 mile path that runs from Bellever Forest to Lydford. Reports of phantom monks and funeral processions have been sighted along this ancient pathway, as well as the ghosts of tin miners.
ShuckDartmoor – Marchant’s CrossA pack of phantom hounds, led by Drake, are said to patrol this area.
Haunting ManifestationDartmoor – Merripit HillA phantom sow and her litter or piglets are said to walk the area here, seeking food.
FairyDartmoor – New BridgePixies are said to have been spotted around the area.
Haunting ManifestationDartmoor – Newhouse Inn (ruins)This figure wearing a grey greatcoat has been seen riding along near the ruins of this building.
Haunting ManifestationDavid Davies was an inmate at Dartmoor Prison repeatedly between 1870 and 1911. After his death in 1929, his ghost is said to have returned to the prison to walk the grounds on misty nights.David Davies was an inmate at Dartmoor Prison repeatedly between 1870 and 1911. After his death in 1929, his ghost is said to have returned to the prison to walk the grounds on misty nights. The prison is also said to be haunted by the French prisoners of war who were imprisoned there during the Napoleonic wars.
Unknown Ghost TypeDartmoor – Road between Heatree Cross and Hound TorKitty Jay was a young woman in the 19th century who committed suicide. As was the tradition at the time, she was buried at the crossroads to prevent her spirit from returning to earth. It seems this was unsuccessful, as a female ghost has been seen at the graveside. Fresh flowers are reported to be found at the grave every day since 1860, but no one has ever seen them being placed. It is also rumoured that Pixies are involved in keeping the burial spot looking tidy.
LegendDartmoor – Rowbrook, Broad Stones, River DartIt is said that the Dart takes one life a year, by gently calling the victim’s name until they fall into the waters and drown.
LegendDartmoor – Scorhill CircleScorhill is the largest stone circle on Dartmoor. Legend says that ‘sinful’ women would pray at the foot of these stones for forgiveness. If God did not forgive them, a stone would fall upon them. 7 out of 30 stones in the circle have fallen.
FairyDartmoor – Shaugh Bridge areaIn 1897, a pixie of 45cm tall was seen wearing red and blue clothing, but disappeared when spotted.
FairyDartmoor – Sheepstor – Pixies CaveKnown as Pixies Cave, people are said to have encountered pixies who lived in the cave when hiding there during the Civil War.
LegendDartmoor – Spinsters RockSpinsters’ rock is a burial cairn, which is said to have been constructed by three passing spinsters.
Haunting ManifestationDartmoor – Stephens’ GraveBuried at this remote spot after committing suicide, the shade of Stephens is skeletal and dressed in a decaying grey robe.
Haunting ManifestationDartmoor – ThrowleighThe sound of galloping can be heard here, and wind of passing invisible creatures can be felt.
Legend – Old NickDartmoor – Tunhill KistvaenOn the 21st October 1631, Jan Reynolds was approached by a cloaked figure, with whom he traded his soul for 7 years of good luck. Seven years later, the Devil claimed his soul when Jan was sat in Widecombe church.
ShuckDartmoor – Wistman’s Wood, one mile north of Two BridgesLarge phantom dogs are said to hunt in this area.
Haunting ManifestationDartmoor – Wistman’s Wood, one mile north of Two BridgesWhite clad figures walking in a procession were seen walking through the woods, following an old funeral route.
ShuckDean Combe – Area near waterfallAfter a vicar threw consecrated earth into the face of a local ghost, it turned into a large black dog. The hound was taken to a pool by the nearby waterfall and was told it could only bother people once it had empties the pool of water using a tiny cracked shell.
Haunting ManifestationDousland – Burrator InnA lady in black was seen walking around this inn rattling a big bunch of keys.
Haunting ManifestationDrewsteignton – Bloody Corner, private houseA small pool of blood is said to appear on the site of a long forgotten murder.
Haunting ManifestationDunsford – Roads in areaRoads in this area are said to see a coach pulled by four headless horsemen, driving Squire Fulford through the village.
FairyHaytor – Jay’s Grave, near the Hound Tor InnA young woman who took her life, Jay is buried in a roadside grave. The burial spot’s neat appearance is said to be the responsibility of local fairies and pixies.
Environmental ManifestationHaytor – Woods near the villageSaid to come and go irregularly, the cottage matches none that can be remembered or placed in the area.
Haunting ManifestationHaytor Vale – Rock InnBelinda, the ghost of a woman dressed in grey holding a brush and sweeping the corridors has been seen in this inn. The story goes that she was murdered by the wife of a man she was having an affair with.
OtherHennock – nearby laneA flaming marker has been reported here, marking the spot of buried treasure, but those that get too close see the flame self-extinguishing.
Haunting ManifestationHennock – Palk Arms Public HouseOver the years there have been many sightings of a Victorian lady in the pub. Staff have also experienced poltergeist activity, including flying glasses and closing doors.
Haunting ManifestationManaton – Nearby CrossroadsAfter committing suicide, Kitty was buried at the crossroads to prevent her shade returning to earth. This may not have been overly successful, as a female ghost has been seen in the area.
DragonManaton – unknown tin mineA winged lizard set up its lair in an old tin mine and its hissing heard for miles around. The dragon was killed in the pit, but no one appears to have wanted to take credit.
Legend – Old NickPoundsgate – Tavistock InnIn the 17th century, the devil is said to have visited this inn, and his cloven feet were spotted by the landlady. He paid for a pint, but when he left, the money turned into old leaves.
Unknown Ghost TypePostbridge – Area of road between Two Bridges and town, & B3212The legendary Hairy Hands of Dartmoor were blamed for fatal crashes on this road. Survivors of crashes reported a pair of large hairy hands appearing over their own and taking control of the vehicle to make them crash.
Haunting ManifestationPostbridge – Area outside the East Dart HotelA dog is said to have drunk beer left outside the pub, then climbed the nearby hill and howled at the moon. The ghost of the dog is said to continue this to this day.
ShuckPostbridge – Cator CommonSince the 1940s, a white hound has been spotted on Cator Common. Others suggest it is a phantom deer.
Haunting ManifestationPrincetown – Prince of Wales public houseA ghostly priest has been reported quietly drifting through the pub.
Haunting ManifestationPrincetown – Prison burial groundThe prison grounds are said to be haunted by the French prisoners of war who were imprisoned there during the Napoleonic wars.
ShuckPrincetown – Road between town and PlymouthThe dog of a traveller who was murdered in the area continues to seek for its owner. A man who tried to reach out and touch the hound was struck by lightning.
Haunting ManifestationWidecombe-in-the-Moor – Cator Common near the townThe witness who interacted with this ghost said it looked like a normal dog, but it vanished as she reached to pat it.
Legend – Old NickWidecombe-in-the-Moor – Parish churchIn October 1638, a terrible storm struck during a church service and a ball of fire entered the church. Several people died, including Jan Reynolds, who was said to have made a deal with the Devil.
Haunting ManifestationWidecombe-in-the-Moor – The Old InnSobbing sounds have been heard upstairs at the inn and have been blamed on the ghost of an unseen child who haunts the inn. Also, an older gentleman ghost has been reported walking the ground floor of the pub, but always vanishes when he reaches the kitchen.
LegendYelverton – Buckland AbbeySir Francis Drake’s drum is kept in the Abbey and legend says that you can hear it beating when England is in danger. It was last heard in 1939, and previously on 21 November 1918, when the German fleet surrendered.
Haunting ManifestationYelverton – RAF HarrowbeerA woman photographed alone in a helicopter found, after her prints her developed, a figure sitting next to her in the pilot’s seat. Though the phantom figure could have been created by lighting and reflection, others are less sure.