The walks in Dartmoor speak for themselves, and the wild swimming opportunities are equally unmissable. From perfect plunge pools to luscious lagoons, each pool has unique characteristics that make them truly unforgettable. Surrounded by secluded scenic spots, they are worth the refreshing swim when you are exploring Dartmoor’s rich history.

With hidden gems dotted all around, a refreshing dip should be added to your Dartmoor itinerary during your stay at the Mill End Hotel in Chagford.


Arguably the most popular wild swimming spot in Dartmoor is Spitchwick Common, also known as Deeper Marsh. One of the best qualities of this pool is how clean the water is. However, this is well known by both tourists and locals, so be sure to plan your visit.

With a large grassy area, it is the perfect picnic spot for families to spend the day. This spot is easily accessible from Ashburton.


Just up from the Spitchwick Common is the Sharrah Pool. This is an excellent spot for a more experienced wild swimmer due to the uneven water floor. You will have plenty of space to get your laps in as this pool is over 164ft long.

The route to this location will take a bit longer on foot, but the spectacular scenic views are worth every step.

Image Credit: Derek Harper



The closest wild swimming spot to Mill End Hotel is Chagford Weir. You will find the river located over the bridge and through a gated footpath; if you follow it to the end, you will see this swimming spot. With the water ranging from medium to deep, this is an excellent place to get some lengths in whilst enjoying your surroundings.

Salmon Leap


The Salmon Leaps provide the perfect natural spa experience not far from Chagford. A vast swimming spot, this location offers a thrilling wild swimming adventure in the beautiful river Teign. Frequent swimmers advise you to throw on a wetsuit before your swim to avoid any scratches or scrapes while exploring the tighter river corridors.

If you are not interested in taking a dip, there is also a lovely grassy spot to sun yourself whilst you leave the mermaids to it.

Image Credit: Herbythyme (CC-BY 2.0 license)


If you are looking for a shallower, more secluded spot, Haytor Quarry might be just up your street. With a car park just a short walk away, this is a wild swimming area to check out!

Surrounded by tall rocks that shield swimmers from the wind, you can relax in the water without worrying about getting too chilly. This quarry is also a known walking and climbing route if you prefer to keep your feet on land.

Image Credit: Paul Hutchinson

Haytor Quarry

If you’re planning a trip to experience the many wonders of Dartmoor, why not stay with us at Mill End? After a morning of wild swimming, you could retreat to one of our lounges for a classic Dartmoor afternoon tea to set you up for even more adventuring!

We really are located in a prime spot, making the ideal base for your countryside adventures. Check out our comprehensive guide to the local area to discover all the other great things to do near Chagford.