If you’re looking for a place to go for adventures with your dog in the UK, Dartmoor is the perfect destination. From scenic walks to dog-friendly attractions, this guide will help you make the most of your Dartmoor experience with your canine friend.

Mill End is a dog friendly hotel on Dartmoor, where you and your four-legged friends are welcome to enjoy a wonderful holiday together. Below, we recommend some of the best things to do and places to go with your pup while staying on Dartmoor, and how Mill End Hotel can make your experience as easy as possible when travelling with pets.

Scenic Walks on Dartmoor With Your Dog

Dartmoor offers a variety of walks suitable for all levels of fitness, including those with energetic dogs. The Tors, distinctive granite hilltops scattered across the moor, provide panoramic views and make for exciting treks.

Popular routes include Haytor, Hound Tor, and Yes Tor, each offering a unique experience for you and your dog. Always keep your dog on a lead near livestock and wildlife to ensure everyone’s safety.

We have shared some of our favourite dog-friendly walks across Dartmoor and near Mill End Hotel.

Dog-Friendly Attractions on Dartmoor

Dartmoor offers a myriad of dog-friendly attractions amidst its captivating landscape. Visitors can explore an array of walking and hiking trails, such as those around Haytor, Bellever Forest, and the Teign Gorge, providing a perfect adventure for both dogs and their owners.

While Castle Drogo’s interiors may be off-limits for furry companions, the grounds and gardens provide a dog-friendly space for leisurely walks.

Becky Falls, with its woodlands and waterfalls, offers a dog-friendly area for exploration. Likewise, you can enjoy the family-friendly River Dart Country Park; with cautionary lead restrictions, visitors can appreciate the park’s natural beauty with a pet-friendly experience.

Whether wandering through Princetown, the highest town on Dartmoor or exploring the charming village of Widecombe in the Moor, where pubs and cafes extend a warm welcome to dogs, many places on Dartmoor are dog-friendly.

What Attractions on Dartmoor Aren’t Dog Friendly?

There are several attractions on Dartmoor where dogs are not permitted. This is mostly due to other animals on the sites, making it unsuitable to bring pets to. You CAN NOT bring dogs to the following attractions on Dartmoor:

  • Dartmoor Zoo – no dogs allowed on site, even in the car park.
  • Buckfast Butterfly Farm and Dartmoor Otter Sanctuary
  • Buckfast Abbey
  • Pennywell Farm – no dogs on the farm, but there is a kennels for visitors to use.

If you want to visit any of these attractions while staying with us at Mill End Hotel, we can facilitate dog sitting if given advanced notice.

Take a look at more things that you can do with dogs on Dartmoor:

Dog Friendly Accommodation on Dartmoor

Mill End is a pet-friendly hotel on Dartmoor, offering the perfect base for you and your pup to explore. We have a number of dog-friendly rooms, including rooms with easy access to outdoor spaces.

We have a side entrance to the hotel into the boot room, where you can clean up your dog after muddy walks on the moors. We have a large sink, plenty of dog towels to use, plus some tasty treats for your pup.

We’re happy to provide dog owners with extra leads, bowls of water and complimentary poo bags to make your stay with us as perfect as possible for you and your four-legged friend.

Dog Safety on Dartmoor

When taking your dog for a walk on Dartmoor, there are a few factors to consider to ensure safety for you, your pup and the local wildlife.

Safe Walks on Dartmoor With Dogs

Dartmoor’s terrain can be challenging in places, so it’s crucial to prioritise your dog’s safety. Keep them on a lead when necessary, especially around wildlife and near roads. Be aware of potential hazards, such as marshy ground or steep drops, and ensure your dog is fit enough for the chosen route.

At Mill End, we have a variety of maps to borrow and can suggest walking routes to follow that are suitable for your capabilities.

Do Dogs Need to Be on Leads on Dartmoor?

Dartmoor is home to diverse wildlife, including ponies, sheep, and native bird species. Respect their habitats by keeping your dog on a lead when approaching, and avoid disturbing the animals.

Dartmoor National Park is a working landscape with grazing cattle, sheep and ponies, so it is important to ensure that your dog is kept on a lead:

  • During the lambing and ground-nesting bird season between 1st March – 31st July.
  • At all times when near or around livestock.
  • During warm weather, as there is a risk of adders in the undergrowth.

It is important to note that on Dartmoor, a farmer can legally shoot a dog that is ‘worrying’ livestock, so taking precautions and ensuring your dog is kept on a lead around livestock is crucial.

Dog Walking on Dartmoor in the Summer

In warmer months, bring plenty of water to keep your dog hydrated, and be cautious of hot surfaces, as granite can absorb and retain heat.

Dog Poo Disposal

Admire the natural beauty of the moor while ensuring minimal impact on the delicate ecosystem by ensuring that all dog poo is picked up and properly disposed of. There aren’t dog poo bins on Dartmoor, so you’ll have to take the bags with you.

If you’re staying at the hotel with your dog or are simply passing by on a walk, please pop in to get a complimentary pack of poop bags to do your bit for our local environment!

Exploring Dartmoor with your dog is a rewarding experience that allows you both to enjoy the beauty of nature. By planning ahead, choosing dog-friendly accommodations, and following safety guidelines, you can make the most of your Dartmoor adventure and strengthen the bond with your furry companion.