With a rich heritage and a range of famous sights to see, Dartmoor is known for being a beautiful  place to visit in the UK. If you plan to take a trip to this renowned area, there is certainly no shortage of adventures to be had. 

What Makes Dartmoor Famous? 


Dartmoor is famous for its wide vast spaces, beautiful views, a wide range of wildlife, diverse tors, Dartmoor prison, creepy myths and legends and Ten Tors!

We explore some popular elements of Dartmoor that make this stunning location prominent in the UK.

Tor of Dartmoor

Famous Tors of Dartmoor


Dartmoor is famous for its diverse range of beautiful tors scattered throughout the moor. The moor has 160 tors made up of dramatic outcrops of granite, and you can usually find the tors standing on top of a hill. 

Some of the most famous tors on Dartmoor include:

  • High Willhays 
  • Yes Tor 
  • Black Tor
  • Hound Tor
  • Gutter Tor

man on one of the tors on Dartmoor

Ten Tors


Founded in 1960 by the British Army, this famous challenge brings 2,400 teenagers in teams of 6 together to take part in a hiking challenge over ten famous tors of Dartmoor. 

Over the years, Ten Tors has become increasingly famous, with entrants from New Zealand and Australia participating. Once teens have completed this mammoth weekend, they are awarded a Devon pasty!

black and white prison

HM Dartmoor Prison 


Located in Princetown, HM Dartmoor is one of England’s most famous prisons. Dartmoor has accommodated the UK’s most dangerous criminals for over 200 years. The most well known inmate to step foot in this prison was Frank Mitchell also known as ‘The Mad Axeman’, who escaped in 1965.

For a dose of historical nostalgia, you can visit the Dartmoor Prison museum, where you can learn about the prisoners’ lives. The museum attracts around 35,000 visitors every year from all over the world.


black dog with red eyes

Famous Dartmoor Myths and Legends 


For years, Dartmoor’s myths and legends have been a part of local tradition and passed down from generation to generation. Tales of pixies, ghosts, and witchcraft have all become associated with Dartmoor and its vast, mysterious landscape. 

Here are some of our favourite famous myths and legends of Dartmoor:


Hairy Hands Bridge 


The bridge between Postbridge and Two Bridges has seen some fascinating hauntings over the years. The legend says that a pair of hairy hands appear on your steering wheel or handlebars to force you off the road. 


Branscombe’s Loaf and Cheese


In the 13th century, Bishop Walter Branscombe had been visiting some parishes when a man in blue offered him some bread and cheese. The bishop was about to accept the bread and cheese when his servant knocked them out of his hands. The bread and cheese appeared to be outcrops and rocks, and the blue man disappeared.


Okehampton Castle 


It has been said that the ghost of Lady Howard haunts the castle, and at midnight, she travels across Dartmoor in the form of a black dog.

wild horse on dartmoor

Is Dartmoor a Famous Location For Films?


Dartmoor has been an outstanding backdrop for many films. One of the most famous films filmed on the moors is Warhorse, directed by Steven Spielberg in 2011. Dartmoor locations included in the movie are Haytor, Combestone Tor and Venford Reservoir. 

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